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Wiener's Hardware was founded in 1922 by Hyman and Ida Wiener, at its present location of 432 Bloor Street West. It was a family oriented, community-based store, as the Wieners lived in the Annex. They offered personal service with products at competitive pricing. Hyman's son, Gerry, came to work with his dad after he finished high school, and together they built up the business and their reputation as a great hardware store. As time past, Hyman retired, Gerry married, had a family of his own, and continued to run a friendly, service oriented, community-based store. Gerry was always looking for ways to better his business, so in 1964, when a small, new company, that he had a hand in helping to develop, came along and spoke to him about what they could do to help grow the business, Gerry jumped at the opportunity. The company was called Home Hardware, and Wiener's Home Hardware came into being. In 1968, Gerry's son Marty, the third generation of Wiener, began his carrier in the family business. When Marty graduated university, he also began working full time with his Dad and the staff of that day. Again, time moved forward, Marty married, had a family of his own, but continued to work closely with Gerry in the store. Sadly, in July of 1991, Gerry past away very suddenly. Despite this tragic and sudden lose, Marty and the Staff of Wiener's Home Hardware continued forward in the traditions taught to them by Gerry. Service, friendliness, a well stocked and clean store enabled them to thrive. In 1998, Marty expanded the business into the building next door, almost doubling their size. (see picture below) It enabled Wiener's to carry more lines, better display product and better service their customers. As Marty's children grew up, they also came into the store to help and work with their father in the Wiener tradition. Today, Melanie, Marty’s youngest daughter, is working closely with her father as they transition to the fourth generation of Wiener family ownership.

Wiener's Home Hardware continues to operate a community-based store, offering friendly service from knowledgeable staff, the way Hyman and Ida did in 1922.

Est. 1922

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